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most TITLES all-time

2020 - winner - craig collins*

The 2020 RTD was effected by Dean’s China virus. Opposed to the usual 8 fixtures, the number of matches would be cut to 6 fixtures. Furthermore, the title would be decided by the player with the best 4 results.

This years’ title went down to the wire. BJ and Bolts needed to win and hope that Craig did not repalce a 6 point finish.

For the entertainment of the neutrals, Craig played his part in the final match, coming 3rd from last. Could BJ or Bolts grab the title? Boydie went close finishing second by one point. A great effort. 

Craig and BJ finished on the same points but Craigs 1st place finish earlier in the season was enough. The league doesnt lie and Craig was the best player.

Special mention to Clemo who had the most wins with two. 



2019 - winner - GRAHAM GRAVES

With last year’s champion Craig Collins struggling with his new lower handicap, the title was open to the field. 2019 was not dominated by any one person as there were seven different winners across the eight events. Most wins went to Sam Killip (2), but it was Graham Graves who clocked up the most points over the season, despite two 1 point finishes.

The standard of golf has improved every year since the conception of the society. 2020 will be the toughest yet.

RTD Winner 19 GG


2018 - winner - craig collins

The 2018 season was made up of only 7 fixtures (versus the usual 8) due to players not being able to attend summer events. As a consequence, rather than the best 5 results per player, counting towards their final score, only 4 were used.

The 2018 winner was Craig, in only his second year. It is no coincidence that Craig had the biggest handicap swing too. With only working 25 days per year, his five rounds per week came in handy, as did his illegal wedge. Picking up the ‘Lance Armstrong’ award from Kev Marsden, Craig has played some excellent rounds.

Special mentions should go to Luke, for winning two events and Dean for extending his lead as all-time event wins.



2017 - winner - GRAHAM GRAVES

The 2017 RTD was a close run competition, with five members being able to win the title, going into the final match. A big turnout at the final event, meant it was tough for the chasing pack, to catch the leader – Graham Graves.

The final match saw no changes to the top three places in the leader board, meaning Graham Graves picked up the trophy for the second time, making him the society’s most decorated player.

The season was very competitive, with eight different winners! 



2016 - winner - DEAN OLIVER

With his acute vision, Dean was a solid performer in 2016, winning three jackets on the way to a highest points tally (only equalled by himself in 2012).

After beating up his brother, he must have asked him for some lessons as he became accurate off the tee (tying top in the longest drive competition), but it was the short game that was most improved.

Dean was pushed hard by rookie Andy Bolton and it would have been more nervy for Dean had Andy attended more matches in the season. John Boyd (depsite a big cut in handicap) came in 3rd and notably John ‘old man rivers’ Clements in fourth.

Clemo was the early pace setter at the start of the season, winning two out of the first three matches, but sadly, like his looks, he faded.



2015 - winner - john boyd

2015 saw the DTGS society expand to 14 members, so it was set up for a competitive year. John Boyd became the first non-English national to win the event and sadly for Butch, he became the first captain to miss out on the title.

Congratulations to John Boyd, one of the original members of the society, finally winning the title. A hard thought race, John was pushed by Butch and Brinners all the way to the final match at Chart Hills.

The event was so close that the fate of trophy was only decided on the 17th – par 3. Still mathmatically possible for Chris to win on the last hole, the group teed off in the dark! Amazingly all four players found their balls and were on or near the green for 2 shots! John did not buckle and took the the title.



2014 - winner - Luke Stockdale

Another year, another Captain, another RTD title. Luke Stockdale became the first title winner to take the championship without winning a single jacket! His rankings in each match, meant he was the most consistant player, but only pipped Chris Stringer by a point!

With an expanded society memebership, 2014 was a competitive year. Rookies Ian Parkin and Sam Killip both won two jackets in the season and could have been contenders if they were able to make more matches.

The final match held at North Forelands had Chris and Luke battling out for the title. Chris needed to finish 5 places higher than Luke to win the championship on the number of jackets won. Sky sports would have been pleased with the drama as Luke finished with 2 points and Chris 4 places above him! Chris could have secured the title, but will rue aiming for the wrong pin on the final hole.



2013 - winner - graham graves

Arguably the best looking Captain that the society has ever had, 2013 was a vintage year and continued the trend of Captain’s taking the title. Picking up two jackets on the way, Graham’s ‘robot’ swing become something of legend and changed the game of golf as we know it.

This was a competitive year, with rookie Chris Bailey and veteran Luke Stockdale, both taking two jackets in the season. Going into the final match at North Forelands, John, Luke and myself could all win the overall Race To Deal title.

Graham secured 2nd place, which was enough to fend off the challenge of Luke Stockdale. Stockdale was speechless



2012 - winner - dean oliver

In 2012, the Race To Deal became the competition it is today by replacing the complicated FedEX system of scoring. Each position would be attributed as point based on their position. This made the competition fair and also opended up the opporunity for a close title race.

The title was contended by Dean and Shaun throughout the season, with both ranking high in each match. Dean desrvedly took the title by winning 3 jackets in the season (still a record). This was Dean’s first trophy in the society and he also made the DTGS Final in the same year (losing out to Shaun on this occasion). 

Dean was also Captain 2012 and started a trend of Captain’s winning the title.